Sunday, April 23, 2017

Welcome to the Montana Captive Insurance Association!

Montana licensed its first captive insurance company in January 2002. Since then the number of active captive insurance companies has grown to 65. These captives insure rural hospitals, nursing homes, fuel stations, commercial trucking firms, an investment firm, a medical professional firm, a construction company and attorneys.

The Montana Captive Insurance Association, Inc. (MCIA) is dedicated to promoting the development and expansion of captive insurance programs within the state of Montana. As part of this mission it will provide its membership with unbiased industry information, networking and educational opportunities. It also provides the state's captive industry an effective voice in the legislative/regulatory process.

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MCIA Promotes Captive Insurance Legislation


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MCIA Represented at Self-Insurance Industry Political Fund-Raising Event


Montana Captive Domicile Continues to Grow


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