Thursday, August 13, 2020

Erin Weenum
Chief Strategist, Employee Benefits
Leavitt Great West Insurance Services

Erin Weenum (Ortiz Blanco) is a recognized employee benefits expert for Leavitt Great West Insurance Services, focusing on self-funded employer sponsored plans. Her passion for challenging the status quo in the industry drives significant value for her clients. By implementing strategically tailored benefit designs, her clients experience measurable cost savings, employee retention, and consumer driven engagement amongst membership. Erin maintains a strong focus on fiduciary oversight of self-funded plans, earning the trust and confidence of employers throughout the country. Helping employers find a manageable way to account for all plan assets, audit vendors, and demand transparency has earned Erin a strong reputation of representing her clients’ best interests.

While many benefits professionals identify niche specialties, Erin has significant experience in several areas that directly correlate to reducing employers’ risks and total cost. These specialties include population health management, direct provider and facility contracting, reference based pricing, pharmacy benefit administration, and employer sponsored clinics. Erin has over 15 years of experience in the industry, beginning her career at Cleveland Clinic managing the self-funded employee health plan, servicing almost 50k employees. During this time, she was responsible for pharmacy administration and critical to the development of the health system’s population health management and disease reversal programs.

Prior to joining Leavitt Group in 2015, Erin served on the leadership team of a large third-party health plan administrator. During this time, she led strategic benefits efforts for the company’s largest self-funded clients. Erin is a recognized thought leader on cost mitigation strategies and leads Leavitt Great West’s efforts toward strategic plan design, regulatory and fiduciary compliance, direct provider contracting, direct primary care arrangements, transparent pharmacy benefit models, site of care innovation, and benefit branding.